We Unblock Blocked Drains Modern Hydro-Jetting Equipment

Blockage King Plumbing solves blockage problems with modern Hydro-Jetting equipment Blockage King has invested in the latest plumbing equipment to unblock blocked drains quickly and and properly the first time.

Unlike many of our competitors who still use the inferior electric eel, we use a high-pressure hydro-jetter alongside the drain camera. With a vibrating rotary nozzle, this water jetter is very efficient in flushing away grease, debris and vegetative matter from drains and sewer link. The pipes themselves are left intact and clean.

Drain clearing benefits of Hydro-Jetting Technology as opposed to conventional clearing of blocked drains.

  • Blasts roots down the drain; the traditional eel drain cleaner will leave root debris behind.
  • Quickly outperforms the outdated electric eel, which takes about three times longer to set up.
  • Dissolves and washes away sludge material and hardened surfaces.
  • Offers easy access to tight, confined areas so every nook and cranny is able to be explored. There are many places an electric eel cannot go.
  • Clears up to 60 metres of drain from one set up point.
  • Cleans the entire diameter of the drain so you are left with a a drain that is 30% cleaner than by the use of an electric eel.