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Leaking Pipe Repairs in Melbourne

Do you have a burst pipe, water leak or other pipe problems? Call Blockage King Plumbing to repair or quote on your burst pipe.

If the problem is causing problems or damage:

  • Turn off the water main immediately to alleviate any more water loss
  • Check your water meter at night before you go to bed and then again the next morning to note any change on the meter. If there has been a change you could have a water leak or burst pipe and need Sydney Emergency Plumbing to attend your property to assist with your pipe leaks and repair

If you notice the following problems Blockage King Plumbing Melbourne can assist to repair your burst pipe or plumbing leaks:

  • Leaking pipe – Blockage King Plumbing Melbourne can assist 24 hours / 7 days a week to locate a leak whether it is behind your wall or underground. We have equipment to locate the source of the problem and provide a solution to save you money on your water and energy bills
  • Old pipes – if you have old or damaged pipes we can provide a fixed price quotation to repair or replace your existing pipes
  • Noisy pipes – you may experience a ‘hammering’ or ‘shudder’ in when you turn on/off your taps. Call Blockage King Plumbing Melbourne to look at this problem to minimise further damage to your pipes.

We have the following equipment to help repair/replace your burst pipe and water damage to your property:

  • Water leak locator to locate your burst pipe
  • Oxyacetleyne for silver brazing burst pipes
  • Wet vac to remove water from carpet / flooring areas resulting from burst pipes
  • Electronic pipe locators to locate the burst pipe and damage
  • CCTV equipment to monitor your pipework


Did you know?

Areas with high or inconsistent water pressure may also have more leaks and breaks. At Sydney Emergency Plumbing we use the valves and monitoring equipment to proactively manage water pressure in these areas to help reduce leaks and breaks.


What if you experience water pressure problems?

Firstly make sure the tap on your water mater or hot water system or other devices are fully turned, if the problem continues call us to check for any burst pipes or plumbing problems.

Sometimes, it is possible that you don’t come to know about any sort of leakage in any of the pipes in your household or office plumbing. If your water bill is higher than the normal, chances are that somewhere there is a pipe leaking. In order to check whether there is a problem with one of the pipes, close all the taps tightly and check the readings in the water meter.

If the dial moves it is an indication of water leakage somewhere. Devices like Mechanic’s stethoscope help in identifying the leakage. Generally you would notice a water stain in the area where there is a leakage. Leaks are difficult to detect with out the sound of running water or a water stain, in such cases you must call the plumber in your area without any further delay.

Leaking pipes if not rectified immediately can cause a lot of problem . The first thing that you should do when you detect a leaking pipe is that you should turn off the water supply through the pipe.

Once you have stopped the water supply, relax and contact a licensed plumber who can rectify the fault. If the plumber cannot attend to your problem immediately, you need not panic as there are ways to temporarily fix the problem. First identify where the pipe is leaking from, second identify the nature of leakage, whether there is a hole in pipe or the pipe has broken etc.

Temporary fixes provide temporary relief. If you are able to fix the pipe yourself it does not mean that you don’t require a plumber any more . There are many ways to repair a hole in a pipe. If you have a pencil all that you need to do is stick it into the hole and break it off and wrap the pipe from that point with the electrician tape. You can also use pieces of heavy rubber to fix the hole by clamping the rubber tightly at the place of where the pipe is leaking. Epoxy putty is also an effective temporary fix; the pipe should be absolutely dry when you apply the putty.

Permanent repairs for leaking pipes include installing pipe clamps, all that is done is that the clamp is placed over the hole and then tightened to make a permanent seal; these clamps are easily available in the market. Alternatively, metallic tubes are also available for permanently repairing a hole or a slit in a pipe. If there is a major leakage in pipe , most probably it requires immediate replacement, in such a case it is best to close the water supply through the pipe till the time a professional plumber fixes it. Avoid fixing major leaks on your own; you may cause more damage to the plumbing.