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Professional Sewer & Drain CCTV Camera Inspections in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the leaders in CCTV drain pipe and sewer inspection services around Melbourne, you’re most definitely in the right place! At Blockage King, we have a huge amount of experience using this innovative technology to get to the root of the drainage or sewer problem you’re facing, and will get everything flowing freely again in no time at all.

After working in the plumbing industry for over two decades now, the experience we possess allows us to offer a vast selection of services, one such being this wonderfully revolutionary way to locate blockages and other issues that can occur with pipes in your drain and sewer. Whether you require our help either at your home or workplace, we’ve got the expertise to rectify any issues you may have.

Benefits of using a CCTV camera to find the cause of your drainage problems

There are several advantages to use this method when your pipes are clogged or damaged, including (but not limited to):

You’ll save time/money

There’s no need to excavate unnecessary areas in order to find the precise section or part of the pipe that’s causing the issue(s). We just send the camera down and can locate exactly where the problem is, then the digging can occur where necessary.

It’s faster than any other way

Because the images of the camera are fed back to us in real time, this means we can pinpoint the damage much quicker than other methods – ideal in an emergency or time-sensitive situation. We utilise the most up-to-date technology available, to ensure the best possible result in the smallest amount of time for our customers, and if required we can provide you with a copy in either USB or DVD format.

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