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Melbournes Sewer & Drain Jetting Professionals

The water jetting system employs a 5000psi extremely high-powered jet of water, so effective that it can blast away any blockage, harmlessly blasting away the roots, silt & debris in the process. The jetting head is is designed to self propel itself up drains from as small as 25mm to larger drains up to150mm , cleared with ease. At Blockage King we're the drain cleaning specialists of choice.


We have the latest water jetting system to provide you with a non-disruptive and fast solution to clearing your drains and sewer of blockages in Melbourne.

Here is how Blockage King High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning service could benefit you:




1.  Removes All Blockages

Our High Pressure Water Jetting system is so powerful it removes even stubborn blockages with ease, including invasive tree roots, and is powerful enough to continue to remove blockages up to distances of 60 metres.  




2.  Melbourne's Hydro-Jetting Experts

The Blockage King are experienced hydro-jetting professionals able to provide you with quality workmanship, experience and knowledge and great service every time.  




3.  Cleans Pipes in All Locations

The hydro-jetting system is also incredibly effective and efficient in reaching and clearing blockages in pipes normally difficult to access like under concrete slabs.  Normally these areas would have to be dug up to reach the blockage, but with the hydro-jetting system, you're saved the inconvenience and cost, instead enjoying the convenience of pipes that have been cleared easily and quickly with minimal disruption.  




4.  Save Money

You'll save money by not having to dig up and replace concreted areas to access your pipes.  And because the hydro-jetting system is so effective at cleaning your pipes, your pipes will be kept in working order for much longer, saving you the cost of replacement pipes. 




5. Warranty Against Future Blockages

We believe our hydro-jetting system to be so good at removing blockages and cleaning your pipes, that we warranty against future blockages when you also purchase a video camera inspection in conjunction with the hydro-jetting service.




6.  Transparent Pricing Policy

You'll know the full cost of our hydro-jetting service before we begin, as we provide you with a full per-job price in advance. For all your hydro-jetting cleaning needs throughout Melbourne, call and speak with Blockage King today.