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Vaporooter Foam in Melbourne

Tree roots damaging or threatening your drains & Pipes?

Vaporooter stops tree root blockages in pipes & drains, and prevents further tree root damage - Guaranteed! Completely safe for children, pets and plants - Tried and tested for more than 40 years. Vaporooter is a revolutionary pipe treatment that stops tree root blockages in pipes and drains and prevents further tree root damage.

Used by tens of thousands of home owners for more than 40 years, Vaporooter foam kills roots, while being perfectly safe for children, pets and plants.

  • Vaporooter stops tree root damage to your pipes. It prevents tree roots from crushing, cracking or blocking your sewer pipes.
  • Only kills tree roots, not trees & plants. Maintain the look and feel of your garden while protecting your pipes and preventing costly repairs.
  • 100% safe and effective. Vaporooter has been successfully used all around the world for over 40 years
  • 12-Month Guarantee. If your drains have a blockage caused by tree roots within 12 months of being treated with Vaporooter, we will gladly clear the blockage for FREE!" * Note: does not cover collapsed or broken pipes – or objects like nappies, crocodiles and bowling balls.
  • Fully trained, certified applicators. Our technicians are fully trained and certified. Unblock and protect your drains and pipes with total peace of mind.

Contact us now to arrange for a preliminary inspection of your pipes to determine the best way to solve your blockage, quickly and efficiently.

    How to Clear Your Melbourne Pipes with Vaporooter

    5 Easy Steps

    Clearing your pipes with Vaporooter is a simple process that provides an economical long-term solution to tree root blockages while preventing costly pipe damage:

    1. We send our accredited Blockage King applicator out to clear the blockage from your pipes and confirm that tree roots are in fact the cause of the blockage.
    2. We put our CCTV Drain Camera down your pipes to confirm there are no serious cracks or breakages in your pipes that need to be addressed.
    3. If tree roots are confirmed as the cause, we book a second appointment in 6-8 weeks' time to allow any tree roots that have been cut in Step 1 to close over.
    4. We return for a second visit, during which we apply the product to stop the roots from growing into your pipes again.
    5. Each treatment is guaranteed for 12 months. Beyond 12 months, we recommend follow-up monitoring to ensure your pipes remain blockage-free forever.

    What are the Tell-tale signs of tree root blockages in pipes?

    There are a number of tell-tale symptoms of tree root blockages in pipes. Here are the main signs to look for:

    • Slow draining or build-up of water (sometimes ankle deep) in your shower or bath
    • Excessive rise or fall of the water level in your toilet, sometimes accompanied by a “glug glug glug” sound effect
    • You find toilet paper remnants or dirty water around your sewer overflow gully in your garden
    • Swarms of sewer flies around your drains
    • Smelly drains are a sure sign that your pipes are becoming blocked
    • Dirty or smelly water leaking from retaining walls or garden beds that may conceal sewer pipes
    • Waste water leaking from pipes around and under your home that don’t normally leak
    • If you live nearby other neighbours that have had tree root blockage problems.

    Have you noticed any of these symptoms, or just not sure and want a second opinion? Contact Us Now!

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