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Non-Destructive Excavation

Allows Digging Safely Anywhere in Melbourne

Harness the power of cutting edge plumbing and excavation technology to dig quickly and safely near utilities without any risk of damaging them or endangering workers! Averting the worst aspects of traditional excavation, Blockage King have access to powerful and safe Hydro Vacuum Excavation equipment, which allows for smaller, localised digs which neatly target the site we need to access for a blockage or break repair.

We can bring this equipment to bear quickly and effectively anywhere we usually operate, as we only need a specialised water truck to do the work. There is very little risk of additional disruption to your utilities compared to a traditional dig, it takes less manpower, and the job is over and done with quickly with barely a trace of the excavation left behind. Non-destructive digging is simply better than the old methods in many ways, and so Blockage King is proud to adopt it enthusiastically whenever it seem appropriate. 

Hydro Vacuum Excavation leaves the water under pressure, not you

So, what is the technological marvel behind this great new excavation method? It’s water, of course! As the name implies, Hydro Vacuum Excavation utilises 2 major tools, being pressurised water and a vacuum pump. We pull the water truck up to the site of the excavation, where a small bore has been dug already. We then push a pressurised hose into the bore, using the intense water flow to rapidly dissolve and erode away the surrounding earth. The vacuum hose is also pushed into the bore, and sucks back up the resulting slurry of water, dirt and debris.

We can use this technique to smoothly and safely remove the earth from above and below the pipe we need to repair – a huge improvement compared to doing the same job without non-destructive excavation.

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Blockage King are proud to provide fast, professional, and effective relief from plumbing emergencies to customers all over Melbourne, Richmond, Prahan, Malvern, Elwood from our base of operations in Bentleigh. We are available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so drop us a line if you ever need plumbing assistance. The number to call is 0409 788 728.