Drain Camera & Blocked Drain Clearing Equipment

We offer closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) services, otherwise known as Drain Pipe Cameras.This camera is especially designed to be placed down your sewer in order to identity the source of your blockage, or potential problem spots.

While the camera winds downwards through the sewerage and drainage pipes, Blockage King can see what is happening through a video monitor.

Pinpointing and assessing the trouble areas are particularly useful for recurring blockages. It will help solve the problem once and for all instead of you having to pay for costly repairs every time something breaks down.

Even more importantly, having access to a drain pipe camera means that you don't have to rip up underground pipes and drains just to work out the underlying cause of the blockage. More cost effective drain maintenance may be the solution.

Once we diagnose the problem, Blockage King can clear the immediate blockage out and if necessary operate Hydro-Jetting high pressure water pressure machines and/or replace the broken pipes with PVC pipes.

Unclogging a drain, ripping away tree roots and greasing drain blockages is part of our service.