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Comprehensive Grease Trap Cleaning in Melbourne

Blockage King also specialises in confined access collection and treatment of grease trap trade waste and septic waste. We can access car parks at 2.1 metre minimum clearance at distances of 40 metres away from the access point. We offer a grease trap cleaning and maintenance, septic tank pumping and trade waste removal services. We aim to remove, recover and reuse the maximum amount of these wastes as possible to ensure the minimum impact on the environment.

We provide professional waste removal at agreed times and ensure all of our operations are carried out in accordance with local health regulations.

Our range of grease trap cleaning and monitoring services include:

  • Complete evacuation of its contents
  • Washing and scraping of walls and baffles
  • Inlet and outlet point inspections
  • Deodorisation and replacement of lids
  • Reporting of trap condition and abnormalities
  • Trap audits to maintain service quality 
  • Waste tracking documentation from source to disposal
  • Transportation to a licensed, EPA compliant treatment facility
  • Operational health and safety hazard alerts

Regulatory compliance

Our purpose-built, environmentally-safe vacuum loading truck will collect and transport your grease trap waste to a facility where it will be processed and reused as compost or feedstock, for example. Blockage King is a certified trackable waste transporter - we have systems in place to electronically track waste on your behalf so you can easily report to your local authorities.  

We operate under an externally certified Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of key Australian standards for quality, environment and safety.

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