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Clearing Blocked Drains All Over Melbourne

Getting results fast with modern hydro-jetting technology.

A blocked drain is a problem you want to address fast, and our use of high-pressure water jets is one of the most effective methods of clearing grease, sand, roots, dirt and other debris from pipes. It’s truly impressive what our drain clearing machines can achieve through the use of hydro-jetting and a vibrating rotary nozzle. Let us cut through the blockage and leave all pipes safely clean and intact.

Why hydro-jetting is the best way to clear blocked drains

  • Pulps roots and blasts all waste through the pipe, where the traditional electric eel drain cleaner (the tool used by most other plumbers) leaves parts of the root behind
  • Can set up and perform three clearing passes of a drain in the time it takes to do one pass using traditional methods
  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  • Fragments thick sludge and other debris before washing it away
  • Cuts through hardened scale using innovative cutting heads
  • Provides easy access around corners, twists and into hard-to-reach areas
  • Can clear blocked drains up to 60 metres away from points of set up
  • Clears entire width of drain using specially designed rotating heads

A closer look at hydro-jetting technology vs. the electric eel

  • The eel is the conventional method of clearing blocked drains, however there are many areas it cannot reach; meanwhile, the Jetter hose can reach almost any part of a pipe
  • Hydro-jetting is far more effective and efficient, using roof cutting turbines to blast the drain clean and leave it almost as good as new
  • All debris is blasted away with no waste left behind; in other words, it’s 30% cleaner than the traditional method

To find out more about our drain cleaning services and to ask for a free quote, call us on 0409 788 728 or contact us online.