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Drain Relining

Blockage King specializes in Melbourne based drain water pipe relining and restoration and uses the very latest and most advanced technology to supply the very best service to our clients. One particular state-of-the-art method is 'no-digging' repair. Not having to dig means your property is easily returned to its original state as soon as the work is finished meaning less disruption for you.

Is your sewage piping blocking up due to root intrusion? maybe you have cracked or leaking / broken sewer pipes? Modern-day water pipelining is like creating a new pipe inside the old pipe. Blockage King offers a 50-year warranty, It only takes a few hours and is as strong or stronger than the original pipe. The internal diameter is reduced by a few millimetres but the flow of water is hardly reduced and certainly improved over a blocked pipe. To fit a pipe liner, we only need one point of entry so compared to old-fashioned excavation, pipe relining is much more cost-effective, cleaner, and faster.

Sometimes it is not possible to repair a pipe using standard repair methods The pipe might be right underneath the house and there's simply no way to dig it out anyway. With a trenchless pipe repair, we can offer our customers a choice of repair. You can reline or replace, it's up to you. We no longer have the problem of having to dig up your garden or kitchen to get to the leak if we don't need to.

Blockage King helps restore pre-existing water lines without destruction or water pipe replacement. This is not just restricted to sewage pipes, It also includes water pipes and any other interior pipe.

1* The process works like this;

2* Thoroughly clean your existing sewage pipes.

3* CCTV Drain Camera Inspection used to locate the issues within earthenware or PVC pipes such as tree root intrusions or broken sections of drain

4* Following up by inserting an epoxy liner into the pipe wrapped around an inflatable tube. We then inflate the tube, the epoxy sets to repair the pipe and we deflate and remove the inflatable tube. This ensures a solid repair that will last for years and protects against leaks and increases water flow through the pipes.

Pipe relining works extremely well in all sorts of sewer line piping from high-rise vertical sewer line plumbing and rainfall drain pipes to underground cast iron and clay pipes. It even works for pipes that have started to collapse. Pipe relining permanently restores the pipe so that the water flows freely once more.