How to prevent block drains caused by tree roots Blocked drains can be unhygienic as well inconvenient.

In Melbourne, the most common cause of blocked drains are tree roots. In Summer especially, tree roots are attracted to any moisture they can find, and this can be condensation on sewer and stormwater pipes.

As the roots grow and extend through the pipes they bring with them dirt and debris and this is what causes the blocked drain.

Even after the drain is cleared from the tangle of tree roots, the pipes are often damaged and this can be the source of recurring problems because leaking water from the pipes will in turn attract more tree roots.

The only sure way of preventing continual tree root blockage is to deploy a CCTV drain camera to identify any problem areas within the pipe before removing the debris and replacing any broken pipe sections. However there are some things you can do to reduce the chance of tree roots blocking drains.

We suggest replacing old, worn pipes with PVC pipes because they are more resistant to root penetration and are more durable over time. After fixing your blocked drain with a high pressure water jetter , we can identify exactly where the blockage occurred and you may consider removing the offending tree or trees to prevent further problems.

Your local council may also have information about problematic tree/plant species and may be able to advise which may be more beneficial for your garden.