What's a High Pressure Water Jet?

A high pressure water jetter is used to clear a blocked sewer or stormwater drain.


Its nozzle is inserted into the sewer or stormwater line or pipe through an access point. It will then blast water down the line to clear whatever is causing the blockage.


The Water Jet is a 5000 psi water pressure system which connects to our pressure hose with a specially designed nozzle at the end.


It propels itself forward down your drain, blasting any foreign matter within area behind it and out of the drain.


It is kind of like a 100 metre long chimney sweep. But better!


Ideal for blocked sewer & storm water drains, which have plenty of roots, rubbish, leaves, mud & roof silt.


The jet also has a Mini Reel which is ideal for smaller drains from 100 mm down to 25 mm, clearing the likes of rusted galvanized waste pipes, wastes with grease, coffee grounds, hair other accumulated general waste.